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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

A 1950s London cleaning lady falls in love with an haute couture dress by Christian Dior and decides to gamble everything for the sake of this folly.

Title:Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
Release:Jul 15, 2022
Runtime:1h 56m
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Stars:Lesley Manville, Ellen Thomas, Jason Isaacs, Isabelle Huppert, Lucas Bravo, Lambert Wilson, Alba Baptista, Anna Chancellor, Rose Williams, Roxane Duran, Bertrand Poncet, Christian McKay, Freddie Fox, Philippe Bertin, Guilaine Londez, Dorottya Ilosvai, Delroy Atkinson, Vincent Martin, Harry Szovik, Péter Végh

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Trailer

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